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Falls is a 3D sliding puzzle game where the player shifts blocks and creates a path through which water can flow, growing plants on its way, to fill a pond below.

Game Concept History and Inspiration

The initial inspiration for this game came from the Labyrinth X Project (Jate and his friends’ group thesis project at Algonquin College in 2008), in which we digitized the old Master Labyrinth board game.

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We tried to make it more like a 2D puzzle for one person, but it wasn’t as fun as we’d hoped. So, we focused on recreating it in 3D and that’s when the first Monument Valley game came out. We really liked the look and feel and the game mechanics, so we adapted some of the mechanics (such as rotation, tab, and drag) and the visual style to use in our game. We were pleased with the results, but we still weren’t decided on the theme we should use, the contextual concept. Then one day, Jate was inspired by an image on Pinterest showing three connected cubes and water falling through them, flowing through a path. That led to the creation of Falls. Krittin, who has a degree in Botany, used his knowledge to define most of the plants in our game and how to apply them (such as “mushrooms and ferns don’t have seeds” or “vetiver can help prevent land erosion”).

Featured Character

The game features one main character, a bipedal rabbit-like creature named Pinky. The inspiration for this character comes from Krittin’s wife, who drew Pinky when she was a child. Krittin recreated it from his wife’s drawing for our game.

Game Mechanics and Functionality
  • The game starts with a water source trying to flow downward. The player needs to create a path for the water to flow through, ultimately reaching an empty pond in Pinky the rabbit’s garden. The overall image is of a cross-section of land, a grassy 3D “island” floating in the air, made of adjoining blocks.
  • Progress is made by the player tapping on a clear glass block to swap it with adjacent blocks of earth. Some of the earth blocks have a path carved in them; the player needs to join these blocks together in such a way that the water can flow all the way down to Pinky’s garden and pond. This requires strategic thinking to move the adjacent blocks around in time to clear the way and win the level.
  • Currently, we have three worlds. Each world has a unique style, colour, and mechanics. The first world is Clear Sky, where the focus in on achieving a clear path for water flow; the second world, Fire Forest, limits the time a player has to create hat path. The third world, Collapsed Hill, limits the number of moves a player can make to create that path.
  • Some blocks will contain seeds/plants that can grow, which players can collect as achievements. Some plants act as power-ups or specials to help a player. For example, in Fire Forest, a player has a limited time to solve the puzzle, but if they can make water flow to the earth block containing the “Blue Bell” flower, it will temporarily slow the game clock on that level. The more Blue Bell flowers the player can grow, the more the clock will temporary slow down. In world 3, Collapsed Hill, the player will have a limited number of moves—but if the player encounters a block with Vetiver in it, that block’s movements will not count against the total available moves. So the more Vetiver blocks you can encounter and grow this plant, the more free moves you can make.
  • Similar special features will be added to each new world incorporated into future versions of the game.
In-Game Tutorials
  • Only EARTH blocks next to the GLASS block can be swapped.
  • Click the adjacent block to swap its position.
  • Passing WATER through blocks will grow plants.
  • Look for SEEDS on certain blocks.
  • Information on the PLANTS that you can grow.
  • The number of PLANTS that you can grow on the level.
  • Some PLANTS can grow without seeds.
  • Watch each BLOCK carefully.
  • TIME to finish the level before the fire spreads (Fire Forest world).
  • How flowing water to BLUE BELL flower blocks will slow down the time.
  • Number of MOVES before blocks will collapse (Collapsed Hill world).
  • How growing VETIVER can give you more moves without using up your allotted number of moves on a level.


Ennface is a Toronto-based game development company founded by two brothers, Jate and Krittin Wittayabundit. Jate lives in Toronto, Canada, and Krittin lives in Bangkok, Thailand. They’ve both loved playing video games since they were kids—although house rules stipulated that playing such games was only allowed during summer break. To meet this restraint and still satisfy their need for game play, the brothers developed a lot of RPG-type games made from paper and their own drawings—similar to Dungeon and Dragons but using their own styles and game mechanics.

One of their goals for Falls is to echo the fond memories and creativity that they—and other players—remember from their childhoods. They wanted to make a colorful, engaging, and immersive game that everyone could play and enjoy.

About the Founders

Jate Wittayabundit has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, and a degree Advanced Game Development from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. He has over 10 years working in the game industry, has published two books on Unity, and is passionate about gameplay and art.

Krittin Wittayabundit holds a Bachelor of Science in Botany from Kasetsart University, Thailand. He has spent over a decade working in 3D animation and the advertising industry, and is passionate about games, 3D art, and level design.


We are planning to have five worlds—each with 25 levels—before soft launch. After that, we will continue to work on collectible items and a level editor that will allow players to ultimately build their own levels and share them with everyone.


Jate Wittayabundit:        Programmer/Concept/Art

Krittin Wittayabundit:     Art/Concept/Level Design

Lynn Yang:       Audio/Music Composer



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